May 2007 News

Mayo Clinic’s Unusual Challenge: Overhaul a Business That’s Working

The elite hospital is facing cost pressures from federal health plans and insurance companies. To the chagrin of some of its doctors, it has embarked on a wrenching overhaul that is testing nearly every aspect of its renowned system.

Honey, Is It Your Turn to Run for That Seat in Congress?

The Ashfords—former Congressman, Brad Ashford, and his wife, Ann Ferlic Ashford, a health-care executive—are debating which one of them should run for Congress; the children are undecided.

Trump Wants Senate Rules Changed to Speed Up Health-Care, Tax Legislation

President Donald Trump called for a change to Senate rules to allow all bills to pass with a simple majority, elbowing aside Senate Republicans’ current legislative strategy on taxes and health care that already rests on obtaining such a majority.

What You Still Don’t Know About Health Law Can Hurt You

Uncertainty for Obamacare replacement doesn’t mean smooth sailing for stocks.

Health-Care Bill’s Tax Cuts Aren’t a Done Deal

Republican senators aren’t sold on a piece of the House-passed health-care bill that makes this past Jan. 1 the effective date for tax cuts on capital gains, health-insurance companies and pharmaceutical companies.

Tight timetable for nursing associate regulation

Source: NHE Mar/Apr 17

Jackie Smith, chief executive at the Nursing and Midwifery Council (NMC), talks to NHE’s David Stevenson about the challenges her organisation faces in setting up regulation for nursing associates, including the very tight timetable.

In December 2015, the government announced a plan to create a new nursing support role. Fast-forward to 2017, and over 1,000 nursing associates will start their training this year in a new role that will sit alongside existing nursing care support workers and fully-qualified registered nurses to deliver hands-on care for patients.

How mergers of health insurers might be good for consumers

Insurer mergers could be good for consumers, if they’re able to get health pricing under control.


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